The Healing Power of the Sun!

'The sun is damaging' - That's what we have learned But now current studies are showing that its light is essential for our health.

Our body needs sunlight in order to form vitamin D, which is essential to us.
The most important source for the production of vitamin D is the short waved part of sunlight, the UV-B radiation, which when absorbed by the sink triggers the synthesis of pre vitamin D, which then reaches the final effective form of vitamin D in the liver and kidneys. In this , 90% of needed vitamin D, the only vitamin which the body can produce itself, is formed. Stimulate the production of the essential vitamin D, use bio-positive characteristics of light and experience a gentle tanning. Colours of the sun.

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VitaminD Tubes

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 The latest findings of the scientists are: ELIXIR OF LIFE - the light of the sun is so important because it....
Vitamin D strong bones risk muscle

...stimulates the production of vitamin D
Vitamin D is the only vitamin which the body can produce itself. It is formed through UV B radiation in the skin and changed into vitamin D hormone (calcitrial) in the liver and kidneys. We only ingest about 10% from our food - vitamin D is above all found in fatty fish such as eel, salmon, herring or the mackerel.

...ensures strong bones
The body needs vitamin D in order to ingest the mineral calcium from our food. Calcium is important for the functions of the nerves and muscles and ensures above all a healthy tooth substance and stable resilient bones. A lack of calcium in children can lead to rickets and in adults osteoporosis.

...reduces the risk of cancer
Current Canadian, American and Swedish studies prove that the sunlight blocks the growth of cancer cells. Vitamin D regulates the regeneration of cells and reduces the risk for ten types of tumours by 50% (among others for breast, bowel, prostate and pancreatic cancers.)

...strengthens the myocardial muscle
Studies at the University of Bonn and at the Heart and Diabetes Centre in North Rhine-Westphalia proved a dramatic lack of vitamin D in patients with distinctive heart failure. Apparently the vitamin D receptors in the myocardial muscle cells are not sufficiently stimulated due to the undersupply.

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