A Class of its Own..

The question of how to set the standard for sun showers is answered impressively by the Luxura V5. It is a matter of product quality. Naturally! But it is also a matter of price. With Luxura V5 Hapro has managed to determine the ideal price-performance ratio for a sun shower.  A top piece of equipment - in a class of its own.

Tube Options:

  • 180w Maxlite Duotan Tubes - £5890.00
  • 188 - 225w C-Extreme duo pink/blue - £6495.00
  • 225w Cosmedico Trio pink/blue & sections for variable tanning outputs - £6795.00


  • Speaker option - £75
  • Single phase conversion - £75
  • Audio & MP3 inc speakers - £390
  • Changing cubicle - £1390



Rio Suntanning

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Home Use Sunbeds - Luxura V5



Everything In View And Easily Handled

The many years of experience of Hapro are demonstrated by attention to the smallest detail. Take for example, the strong and sturdy handle. Or the clear and user-friendly LCD display in a futuristic look. Here, the users will see at a glance what they have focused on.


  • XL Light
  • Indoor lighting
  • 2 steps adjustable body cooler
  • Digital timer display
  • 1 hour counter non-resetable
  • 1 hour counter resetable
  • Internal timer
  • Connecting for external timer

º Xsens
º Qsens
º My MP3
º Loudspeakers
º Changing room




There are four different models of the sunny Luxura V5, all with 42 tanning tubes. Within these four models, you can choose from tube variants of different strengths. You can also opt for the XLc version with integrated face tanner.

The vertical Luxura V5 looks very impressive and has a comfortable amount of space in the cabin. Nonetheless, the entire sun shower (optionally with changing room) takes up a surprisingly small amount of space. The extremely light The two-easy-to-open-doors turn to two sides, which keeps the turning circle small. The V5 is therefore practical in a relatively small space or as a stand-alone unit in a larger changing room, for example.

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A central air extraction system at the rear of the Luxura V5 ensures the right temperature in and around the cabin. Depending on where the appliance is installed, the exhaust duct can also be positioned at the top of the vertical tanning bed.

Luxura V5
42 XL 42 XL Intensive 42 XLc 42 XLc Intensive
Tubes 42 x 120 W 42 x 180 W 42 x 120 W 42 x 180 W
Face tanner - - integrated integrated
Connection 400V/3N~/50Hz 400V/3N~/50Hz 400V/3N~/50Hz 400V/3N~/50Hz
Power 5,1 kW 7,9 kW 5,1 kW 7,9 kW
Fuses 3 x 16 A 3 x 16 A 3 x 16 A 3 x 16 A
Weight 215 kg 241 kg 215 kg 241 kg
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