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5ft - 150cm Tubes
6ft - 176cm Tubes
1.9 Metre Tubes
2 Metre Tubes
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Suntanning Superstore Tube Range - 6ft - 176cm - PLEASE NOTE MINIMUM ORDER 6

6ft 100 watt Range - Length 69.5/176cms

Maxlite L 100 R
NEW! MaxLite High Intensive - NOW £10.65 MaxLite 100 watt high intensive tube 2.8% UVB output - 600 HR Life - Blue

Maxlite Duo Combi
NEW! MaxLite Intensive Combi DuoTan NOW PInk to the facial area top 1/3 of the tube has higher output 2% UVB output Body area is blue and has 1.6% output - 600HR Life £10.85

Maxlite High Intensive RUVA
NEW! MaxLite High Intensive Ruva 100L NOW £10.85 MaxLIte Ruva has 2.4% UVB output - has internal reflector - 600 HR life - Blue

Cosmedico 10K
NEW! Philips/Isolde/Advantage RUVA - NOW £13.00 NEW! Philips/Isolde/Advantage RUVA 6ft Tube 3% UVB Ouput for fast tanning 100 watt WOW 160 WATT TANNINIG RESULTS FROM A 100 WATT TUBE

Cosmedico 10K
NEW!! Philips/Isolde/Advantage UVA - £12.40 same specifications as above but without the internal reflector - WOW 160 WATT TANNINIG RESULTS FROM A 100 WATT TUBE

Vita Dlll
NEW! Vita D Tube - £14.99
NEW! Vita D Tube - Vitalll for vitamin D3 Synthesis 100 watt - 6ft

Maxlite Performance
Maxlite Performance - £5.95 - ECONOMY PRICE! Maxlite Performance -
100 watt 500hr life performance tube good tanning at economy - Relax and Tan with this economically priced tube, gentler safer tanning without burning! - 0.3 compliant 100 watt tube, 1.8 metre (5ft 10 inches) Classed as 6ft

Swift UVA 100w
Isolde Swift UVA - £10.75Advantage Swift UVA 100 watt tube with 2% uvb 800 hour life

Cleo Swift Ruva 100w
Isolde Swift RUVA - £11.75Advantage Swift RUVA 100 watt tube with integral reflector 1.8% uvb 800 hour life

160 Watt - 6ft Tube Range 69.5"/175cms

Cosmedico 9k
COSMOFIT 10K - £12.4The new Cosmofit 10K100® is a particular special 160 watt 0.3 compliant tanning lampp. It is the premium upgrade for your sunbed par excellence and brings the best out of your appliance! The Cosmofit 10K100® delights with its amazing tanning results, as the premium lamp range offers about +10% tanning effect compared with standard tanning lamps. The user of the Cosmofit 10K100® is guaranteed rapid immediate pigmentation and a long-lasting DELUXE tan. And all that consistently over a useful service life of 1,000 hours.5

Maxlite 160
NEW! MaxLite Tube  - £13.75
New Maxlite 6ft tube fully 0.3 compliant for gentler tanninig - 700hr life.

New MajicSun very fast tanning tube, superb results with high-output tube - 700hr life- 3.3% UVB - length 1.8 metre(6ft)NEW MajicSun  - £13.95

NEW!! C-XTREME VITAMIN D - £13.95NEW!! C-XTREME VITAMIN D 225..high power faster tanning for extra vitamin d production

Sun X-Treme 250
SUN - XTREME B - £13.85
SUN - XTREME B - 250 Max Plus RUVA 3.3 % uvb high output tube 800 hr life 1.8 metre

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