Hapro Topaz

Hapro Topaz, the multifunctional tanning unit!

Hapro Topaz if from the Home Tanning Collection, wich can be placed almost anywhere, thanks to the compact size and flexibilty.

Due to the refreshingly right quality and price ratio, the Topaz is a favourite in many homes. There are two models you can choose from: a combination of bank and canopy or the single canopy on a tilting stand. Stylish designer details emphasize the professional development of these tanning units and will fit in every interior.

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what our customers say...
Since purchasing this product from you at the end of April this year and having now 'lived' with the canopy for some 7 weeks-plus: 

"It's absolutely brilliant!" 

" I simply love it!" 

The Topaz canopy is so versatile, I can use it vertically-for-standing, horizontally-for-lying or angled-for-sitting and afterwards store it away in a space-saving up-right position. My skin is now considerably softer, suppler and feels so much younger with a silky-smooth touch to the epidermis, however more importantly - the main reason I bought the Collatan canopy was to see if it would help with pain relief by trying a combination of UVA/UVB with IR light as a form of alternative pain control/relief. For 20 years I have suffered with acute arthritis in my ankles, knees and wrists which means I have been on a effervescent combination paracetamol/co-codomol painkiller 4 times a-day everyday for the last 15 years and since I've been using the unit: I have cut-down on some days by up-to a staggering 50% in my arthritic painkillers within a week of using this unit and that is something I simply can-not believe: for me, the health benefits have simply outweighed the cosmetic benefits! Additionally I am now a light tan top-to-toe. I can thoroughly recommend this unit without hesitation for tanning, skin rejuvenation and as a possibility for those who suffer the acute daily pain of arthritis and are willing and financially able to try anything alternative to pharmaceutical
 medication to alleviate pain - as it may help. Although this unit may not work for all arthritic suffers - for me this unit as a form of alternative pain control is a 'God-send'.

Stephen Copeland 15 July 2016

Home Use Sunbeds - Topaz Canopy

Home Use Sunbeds

Topaz Canopy View
This version of the Topaz inspires by flexibility because of its vertical tilting system. This offers you as sunbather the enjoyment of a warming sun in your preferred position: lying down, sitting straight up or even standing. After your tanning session you easily tilt the unit back to the room saving position. Which position you prefer while tanning, either way you will achieve a glorious tan by the 8, 10 or 12 tanning lamps and the optional face tanner. The analogue timer guarantees the right amount of tanning time for your personal skin type. The tanning lamps are covered by high quality, UV-transmitting acrylics.

Topaz Vs

Hapro Topaz 10 V

  • Maxlite Performance Tube - £1045
  • Isolde Swift Tube - £1105
  • Advantage Tube - £1125
  • NEW! Vita D3 Tube - £1095
  • NEW! Helarium Tube - Special Tube for the Treatment of Psoriasis - £1195
  • MaxLite Performance with 400 Watt Facial Tanner £1095
  • Philips Advantage 160 Watt Tanning Result with 400 Watt Facial Tanner - £1155.00

Hapro Topaz 12 V

  • MaxLite Performance Tubes - £1095
  • MaxLite Duo Tan Two Tone Tube Stronger in the Facial Area - £1005.00
  • Isolde Swift Tubes Longer-Life & Quicker Tanning - £1115.00
  • NEW! Helarium Tubes Special Tube for the Treatment of Psoriasis - £1325
  • NEW Vita D3 Tube Option - £1135.00
  • Isolde Advantage - 160w tanning results from 100w tube - £1145.00
Topaz plus Facial Tubes

Hapro Topaz 10/1V

  • Maxlite Performance with 400 watt Facial Tubes - £1095
  • Philips Advantage 160 watt tanning result with 400 watt Facial Tubes - £1155
Tube Options

Power1160 watts - Voltage 230v - Fans 1 - Cord Length 3m - Size open vertical 650 x 870 x 1900 - Size closed horizontal 1870 x 870 x 1100