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Luxura X3

Luxura X3
The Look Of Quality From The Outside
The brilliance of the external panels radiates the flavour of futuristic high tech. What is more, if you choose the decorative silver screen, it will reflect positively on the atmosphere of the entire area surrounding the sunbed. The metallic silver slide covers add to the elegance of the Luxura X3 and will ensure plenty of admiring glances.
Luxura lie down iin comfort
Luxura X3 Glamour Model

OptionsGlamour Edition Model ~ + £295 ~ Head Fan + £135
Luxura x3 Glamour Edition
sizesCustomised Wellness
As an entry-level model, the Luxura X3 is in a class of its own. And what a class it is!. Whether you prefer the space-saving shorter version or the luxurious long model, whatever you choose you will be able to select between four possible configurations for your sunbed. The Luxura X3 is not only perfect for regular tanning salons but is also just the right choice for beauty or hairdressing salons.
Luxura Dimensions
10x100 watt
14x80 watt
16x120 watt
Facial Tanner
4x80 wattx400
3x400 watt
9 X 25 watt
Tubes Base
12x100 watt
14x100 watt
14x100 watt
Body Cooler
Digital Timer
Power Supply
3.6 KW
4.5 KW
4.0 KW
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