Hapro Jade

Hapro Jade, pure wellness

Are you looking for pure wellness at home? The Hapro Jade will definitely meet your needs! With the high quality materials, elegant colours in the design and optimum comfort while tanning, this unit literally brings sunshine at home.

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Home Use Sunbeds - Jade Canopy

Home Use Sunbeds

Jade Canopy

Tube Options

  • Isolde Advantage WOW 160w tanning results from a 100w Tube !! - £1245.00
  • HELARIUM tube special medical tube for Psoriasis treatment - £1157
  • Collagen Light Therapy tubes - £1345 ( not tanning tubes - see below)
Jade Canopy
The Jade 12 tube canopy is fitted with 6 DuoTan tubes and 6 MaxLite tubes The DuoTan tubes have integral face tanners for optimum tanning. The unique double titling stand enables the tanning unit to be faced to the wall when not in use and has a variable height adjustment. -  £1095

Advantage Tube Option

Collagen Light Therapy

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