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The Luxura V10 optimises the familar standards and is setting new standards in the solarium market. It represents the impressive highlight of the premium class, wit breath-taking elegance, remarkable new features and customer-oriented technology. It is the solarium experience for every connoisseur who orients his or her personal requirements to the optimum.. - £10295 +VAT

Vertical tanning

Vertical tanning has more benefits both for the user (no white areas caused by pressure points, a more active tanning session and is appreciated for a more hygienic feeling) and for the operator (less space required, a good addition to the range), which many people would happily trade for the comfort of tanning in a lying position. With the V10, you get top quality in every detail, along with its wonderful design and spacious layout. Various different comfort features, including an innovative cooling system with four spray units over the length of the appliance, ensure an inspiring tanning session. In the colour Pearl White (with the variants Passion, Romance and Cool), the V10 simply attracts turnover...


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Commercial Sunbeds - NEW! Luxura V10

Tanning sessions with even more comfort

The comprehensive features of the Luxura V10 offer a range of options to make the tanning session even more comfortable and result-oriented.

Luxura V10

Easy to adjust

The user-operated features have been incorporated into a simple user display panel. This way, every costumer can easily adjust the features to his own wishes. With the V10, the focus is on comfort - that is for sure!




Within the three versions of the V10 you can select your favorite of lamps. This vertical tanning bed standard has extra long tanning lamps of two meters (choice: 120W or 180W), which allows every customer to tan his body beautifully during a comfortable session. However, you can also opt for a version with extra power to give the face area just that little more accent. The XLc version has 50 combi lamps with integrated face tanning. The SLi version offers 4 SLi face tanners in the doors, which can be switch up or down from 400 to 300 to 0 W while tanning.


The vertical Luxura V10 makes a huge impression, but it takes up a surprisingly small amount of space. The extremely light door opens simultaneously, which keeps the turning circle small. The V10 is therefore wonderfully practical in a relatively small space. Click below for the dimensions of the unit.

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